About Specialty Care Management & Consulting

What sets Specialty Care apart in the field of long term care and retirement home management and consulting is our hands-on, practical experience; as well as our ability to listen, identify problems and make improvements. Our clients consistently report that they see us as a trusted partner, focused on their success.

We offer municipal, non-profit and private sector clients support through a range of services to address many of the most challenging issues and opportunities facing homes today.


Management Contracts

We provide on-site support for your department or organization to resolve short or long-term challenges, including quality improvement and compliance with regulatory standards. An experienced team of Specialty Care consultants will work closely with your managers, in your home, to identify and implement customized solutions and training to assist your staff in updating processes and achieve operating efficiency.


Consulting Services

Specialty Care's consultants can also conduct in-depth operational reviews for any number of scenarios; for example, when you are going through a period of rapid organizational transition or budgetary constraint, or when external changes are having a significant impact on operations. Using current and sound management practices, we will provide you with a detailed analysis, including recommendations on how to operate more efficiently, increase revenue, and reduce costs without sacrificing resident-focus or quality.



“When we took over operations of the 26 year old Rainycrest Long-Term Care Facility, we knew that a number of improvements would need to be made. We wanted the best advice possible and did our research before choosing a company to help us conduct a full operational review. Specialty Care had a good reputation and the expertise to really get into the nuts and bolts of the operation in whatever detail we required. The consultants were very personable, easy to work with and always available.

We have just started to implement the recommendations from the review and staff are already commenting that they notice improvements."

Wayne Woods
President & CEO
Riverside Healthcare Facilities Inc. 


“The County of Grey has partnered with Specialty Care to provide consulting services to each of its three long term care homes. Their support and responsiveness has helped us to address a number of the challenges we were dealing with. We have benefitted from their assistance with implementing standard policies, operating procedures, and quality improvement programs. Three homes that used to work independently of one another are now working together collaboratively.

There have been a lot of successes!"

Lynne Johnson
Director of Long Term Care
County of Grey