Zest for Life

All Specialty Living retirement communities are guided by our unique Zest for LifeTM philosophy. This philosophy puts you, the resident, at the centre of everything we do. It means that we promise to honour your choices and provide you with opportunities – to promote your independence, explore new experiences and to continue to age well.

In leisure programming, this means that our lifestyle consultants will make every effort to find out what makes you tick. Do you like to spend your afternoon reading? Do you have a talent for teaching others? Would you like to get back to volunteering? Let's find a way to make those things happen. We also look forward to introducing you to some things you've never tried before.

Zest for LifeTM in our food and beverage services means that menus are carefully planned with resident preferences in mind. You will find a variety of comfortable favourites and new creations on our menus.  We are happy to accommodate catering requests for your special events and invite you to host guests for a meal at any time.

It also means designing our care and support services to assist you to live safely with us for as long as you wish.  You will have peace of mind knowing that additional care and support is here for you when needed.


Zest for LifeTM Programs

Programs designed with the Zest for LifeTM approach support a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit to help you maintain your mental edge, rekindle your interests and promote an overall sense of well-being.  These can include:

• Lifelong learning seminars
• Visiting performers of music and dance
• Special interest clubs
• Games and tournaments
• Healthy Choice menu options
• Aerobics and Fit-N-Stretch sessions
• Personal fitness and health consultations
• Therapeutic massage

Signature Services

Our Signature Services are an in-house suite of offerings that take the Zest for LifeTM philosophy to the highest level. Join us for:

• Revitalization Breaks
• Grandmothers to Grandmothers
• Body in Motion
• Cook for the Cure