Work Life Culture

Wellness. Health. Shared Values.

We know how job satisfaction impacts health, so we adopted a balanced culture many years ago, in which our values and philosophy apply equally to staff and residents.

We have a values model - CHOICES. Its practice is critical to our everyday and we evaluate our effectiveness with its principles in mind. Specialty Care supports each employee's own commitment to lifelong learning as part of the holistic dimension of the model. While skilled employees provide the highest quality of care to our residents, they also tend to be more satisfied on the job, enjoying the pride that comes from their continuous learning and accomplishments.

Under our CHOICES model, everyone wins. The model includes:

Caring: valuing a culture of compassion, nurturing, mutual respect and dignity.zest-for-life-no-logo

Holistic: promoting wellness of mind, body and spirit for a healthy lifestyle

Opportunity: providing opportunity for personal growth, self determination and informed decision making

Integrity: honouring our commitments to residents, community and each other

Community: contributing to the diverse communities that we are a part of and celebrating what we have in common

Effectiveness: optimizing use of resources to achieve the best outcomes

Safety: working together to keep people safe


Specialty Care makes a positive difference in the communities we are part of. We believe in honouring the family values that our foundation was built on: acting with integrity, making the most of our resources and giving back to the communities we operate in. We encourage and applaud our employees for doing their part too, through local fundraising initiatives, volunteer opportunities or committee memberships.