Benefits of Working With Us

Growth. Opportunity. Respect

Careers at Specialty Care are deeply rewarding for those who want to improve their skills and expertise. We provide an innovative environment and have enduring commitments to wellness programs that prolong and enhance the quality of life of residents. Inside that model, everyone wins: residents enjoy energy and increased vitality, employees enjoy elevated levels of pride and effectiveness, and we have won the occasional award or two for our efforts.

And that's not all. We have a great culture. Things can get very lively around here!

We have high standards for our employees and we nurture their best interests. Because we are committed to innovation and professional growth, every employee is able to grow his or her skills by learning in a respected, top-tier care environment. We ensure that employees achieve career growth when they desire it and we enable greater job satisfaction, as a result. Our approach to care and service is about meeting individual needs, and we roll that philosophy into our employee relationships too.

Individuals matter here. We are large enough to have some of the best programs on the market, yet small enough that each voice is heard.

Leading Care, Leading Benefits.

As an energetic and positive contributor to our team, you will also have access to:

  • Specialty Care's own Management Certificate Program
  • Role specific leadership development
  • A comprehensive library of convenient online and web-based learning courses
  • Tuition assistance that supports ongoing education and development
  • The annual Joyce Leslie and Linda Harvey Memorial Scholarships
  • Wellness seminars
  • Recognition and awards programs such as our Awards of Excellence and Hidden Treasures
  • An advanced and comprehensive Employee Assistance Program

Why wait? Come grow with us.